Will Allen Iverson Be Voted Into The Hall of Fame For 2016?

Allen Iverson has gotten a bad rap of  being  the NBA‘s problem child.  I would argue that AI is the best sub 6ft guard the game has ever seen.   AI  has forever changed the way a whole generation viewed the game as well as it’s culture.   I would love to see Allen voted into the Hall of  Fame in 2016.  Now there is a chance that he just might.

Allen Iverson
via .si.com

According to slamonline
“Yep. Allen Iverson is about to headline the list of Hall of Fame inductees in 2016. Now that the Hall of Fame has decided to disregard his 10-game stint in Turkey back during the 2010-2011 season (you have to be five years removed from playing to be eligible for the Hall), AI will be nominated in 2016, not 2017.”