Could The NBA Be Ready To Expand The Draft?

According to @Dleagueupdates: The NBA will consider expanding the draft if all 30 teams obtain a D-League team.
This is a good idea as the game continues to grow. As more and more players becoming one & done; the D-League serves as a farm system for the league. Expanding the draft would allow teams to draft more of these players. The extra players would be placed in the D-League where they can continue to develop their game.

D-League Draft class

The D-League doesn’t just help players who are looking to get into the league. It can also help aspiring Coaches, Film editors and others as they look for a shot at the league. The MLB has been doing this for years and it works great.
Anything that aids the increase of skills is a great thing in my book, so I’m all for it.

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