The WNBA “#WatchMe” Campaign

The WNBA has put out a new commercial entitled “Watch Me.”  I love the commercial and the message the league is trying to convey.  When it comes to Women’s sports, It’s time for the US to catch up to the rest of the world.

Recently there has been a lot conversation surrounding the league, about player’s salary, fan interest and more.  If you would like to get my views on some of these issues click here.

While I was at the Garden last night watching the Liberty vs. the Mystics, I took a moment to look around.  I noticed that the whole lower half of the Garden (Below the box seats) were completely filled with passionate fans.  The feeling was electrifying and not much different from when the Knicks are doing well.
It’s 2015 and these ladies are asking for our respect and it’s time to realize that they should have gotten it all along.

What do you think about the WNBA’s new commercial?  Have they earned your respect, why or why not?
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