NBA to use virtual reality in live event

For tonight’s opener, the NBA plans to become the 1st to broadcast a live event via Virtual Reality. Fans will be given the opportunity to experience courtside action, from the comfort of their homes. To do this you must own VR gear. I think this is a great Idea and a good way to advance the fan experience.

When the 2015-16 NBA season tips off, it will be the first major sports league to offer a live-streamed version of a game in virtual reality. The NBA has partnered with Turner Sports and virtual-reality company NextVR to broadcast the game to users of Samsung’s Gear VR. Users wearing the headset will be able to watch as if they were on the floor.

‘You look to the left, and see a basket. You look to the right, and see a basket. You look to the ground, and see the court,’says Jeff Marsilio, vice president of global media for the NBA. ‘It feels like you’re at the game.’
Those watching the stream will hear and see the sounds of the arena as if they were in attendance.
If the VR event is a hit, the league could do more, but there are no current plans.” (Jon Swartz @jswartz and Eli Blumenthal @eliblumenthal , USA TODAY)

Are you excited about being able to view NBA Games in VR or do you think it’s  a fad?  Share your comments below.