Mamba Out! Kobe’s 60pts Farewell

(Via The NBA)

In what might go down as the single best performance, by an NBA player in his final game. The “Black Mamba” Kobe Bryant leaves the Staples Center and Laker fans with a 60 point performance. I do not believe one could’ve written a better storybook ending to such a marvelous career.

Going into Wednesday night fans had to decide between, watching the Golden State Warriors go after the best season record or Kobe’s last game. I must admit, I had only planned to watch the 1st half of the Lakers vs the Jazz. By the middle of the 2nd quarter; I knew there was no way, I was going to miss out on what was happening.

This becomes Kobe’s sixth time where he has scored 60 points or more in an NBA game. I believe we all remember his 81 points against the Raptors and his 61 points against the Knicks.

60 points in a farewell game, what more could anyone ask for. Bryant goes one step further and in true Mamba fashion; he hits a clutch game winning shot with 31.6 seconds left. Even though the Lakers have gone through an awful season and will not make the playoffs; fans were treated to a performance of a lifetime.


I can see it now, the schoolyards and barber shops will be filled with Laker fans talking about how their hero could have still played a few more years. All the conversations surrounding 60 points and the game-winning shot. This performance has only added to the lore of the Black Mamba. As long as he doesn’t make the same mistake his Idol Michael Jordan made by coming back after winning the championship in 98’. Kobe’s Legacy will be sealed.

At the end of the game Kobe stood at center court, addressed his family; supporters; teammates and yes the haters and thanked them for a heck of a ride. He stressed how important it was to him to have played for his favorite team for his entire career. Kobe said that the down years meant more to him then the Five Rings, because in the down years they fought and never gave up.

This once-in-a-generation player ended his career borrowing a line from Jay-Z who was in the building and said “ What more can I say, Mamba out!” and then drop the mic.

(Via The NBA)

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Check out Kobe’s 81 and 61 point game highlights below.

(Via The NBA)