Bosh Wants In On The 2016 NBA Playoffs

Chris Bosh wants in on the NBA Playoffs.

According to ESPN:

“Last week, Bosh and his wife appeared to break weeks of silence about his status with the Heat with social media posts that reaffirmed his desire to return to the court. But the Heat restated their position that there are no plans for Bosh to play.

Bosh’s wife, Adrienne, who is active on social media and in the Miami community, started a #BringBoshBack hashtag on Twitter and retweeted several tweets from media members about how the Heat missed Bosh during their first-round series with the Charlotte Hornets. Later, Bosh sent out a video on Snapchat of himself shooting in an empty AmericanAirlines Arena with the message, ‘Still got it.'” news services, ESPN

Usually it’s the  team that’s trying to force a player to play through and injury but in this case; it’s the player who’s trying to force his way back onto the court.   I could see if this was a pulled muscle or something; I don’t know what Chris Bosh is thinking, to want to  play after dealing with blood clots.  If Bosh really wants to help his team, he should take the rest of this season off and be ready for next year.

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