Swin Cash Will Retire From The WNBA At The End Of Season

On Tuesday June 7th, 4x All-Star Swin Cash announced that this will be her last season in the WNBA.   Swin Cash has played for 15 years in the WNBA and has accomplish a great amount of success.  She has 3 WNBA titles, two Olympic gold medals and  2 All-Star Game MVP Awards.   Cash’s success goes beyond the pros as she has 2 NCAA  Championships  from her days of being a UCONN Husky.   She has given a lot to the game and she will be missed.

Swin Cash
via geeksandcleats.com

According to her Swin Cash’s post via theplayerstribune.com :

” We live many different lives throughout the course of the one we’re given.

I’ve had my own: a young girl in the Harrison Village projects of McKeesport, Pennsylvania. A TV personality. Recently, a wife.

The one I’m most known for — a professional basketball player — is coming to an end.

Basketball has given me the opportunities of many lifetimes.

It was truly my first love. It took my hand and pulled me beyond the pitfalls of my environment, and all over this country and the world — and then brought me back home again.

It showed me how I can touch people — people who may not know the game I love, but who know me because I play it. People whom I would never have met if I didn’t dribble a ball.”

She has definitely influenced a whole generation of girls, boys and Basketball fans.  Thank you Swin for all that you have done for the game.  We wish you success in your further efforts.

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