Triple Threat And Attacking The Basket

Basketball is an exciting sport to play but let’s be honest; if you can’t score, you are probably not having as much fun as someone who can.  While there are many ways to score, I want to focus on what can be used at all levels of development.  These two things are, being in “Triple Threat Position” and “Attacking The Basket“.

One of the biggest differences between a good scorer and someone who is not is; the scorer puts themselves in Triple Threat more often the not.  The ability to catch the ball and square to the basket gives the scorer options.

Getting into Triple Threat or “Squaring up” as some coaches call it, allows you to read what the defense is doing.  While in Triple Threat you should notice if the defense is: pressing or in a half set; playing man or in a zone.  You should also recognize if your man is playing up or back and if you have an open teammate up the court.

Squaring up can help you see all of these things and in turn make you a better decision maker on the court.  Better decisions leads to more opportunities to score.  Click on the video below and watch how being in Triple Threat can lead to you scoring more buckets.

Triple Threat

The second thing that can help you to score more is to be aggressive and attack the basket.  With so much focus on Steph Curry and his ability to shoot, I think the art of the mid to inside game is being over looked.  Having the ability to attack the basketball does not only give you options to score around the basket, it can also lead to you having more open jump shots.

Attacking the basket makes the defense have to adjust for the drive.  Getting to the basket can also put you on the line.  Seeing your shot go in from the foul line can increase your shooting confidence.   Click on the video below and watch how Attacking The Basket can lead to you scoring more buckets.

 Attacking The Basket

Watch this video Of Michael Jordan and how he attacked the basket

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