Derrick Rose Backs Up His Statement

Derrick Rose went on record on July 22nd, calling the revamped Knicks a “Super Team”. Rose received a lot of flack over his comments.

On Paper

The addition of Rose, Noah and Lee makes the team a more competitive one but it’s a bit of a stretch to put them on the same level as, the elite teams in the league.  To be clear I’m a Knicks fan and yet I was even confused by the comments.


This Week Rose expanded on those comments in an interview from Seoul, South Korea.   According to ESPN Rose Stated,

“I still believe that.  Like I said, with that Super Team term, you have to be very careful, I guess, if you’re in the United States. But I feel like if you’re in any team in the NBA — it don’t have to be the NBA, it could be the college level, high school level — you should believe in yourself and have the confidence in yourself that you’re playing on a super team anywhere. So I have a lot of confidence, and I’m not taking that back.”

Self Confidence

With that being said, you can’t fault a man for having confidence in himself and his teammates. As a coach this is the exact attitude that you want all of your players to have. Infact a lot of what a coach does is to encourage self and team confidence.

The fact that Rose feels so strongly about his new team is a plus for Knicks fans.



Turning The Ship Around

While I do not consider them a “Super Team”, I do believe that the Knicks are finally starting to turn the ship around.   New York fans have not had a lot to cheer for over the last 40 years. This team once again on paper, with Rose, Melo, Noah and Porzingis may be the best team the Knicks have had since the Ewing, Mase and Oakley era.

I just hope that fans do not jump out the window with Rose’s statement; thinking the Knicks will be playing in the 2016-17 finals against the Warriors.  The reality is that they are more like a 5th seed that we hope can make it out of the 2nd round.

Are you as confident as Rose is about the New York Knicks or are you just hoping they finally make it out of the 1st round?
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