Knicks Phil Jackson Sat Down With ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan

New York’s  Knicks president Phil Jackson’s recently sat down with ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan.  Jackson spoke on a range of topics from the Triangle to trading for the former MVP Derrick Rose.

When asked about the Triangle and if it could still work in today’s game Jackson stated,

“If you want to learn the fundamentals of the game, you don’t bypass any of the basics, like how to make a post pass, how to set up a screen, what pivots you can use to escape pressure and force defenses to react.” 

I believe Phil has a point.  The Triangle or at lease parts of it can still be used today.  Many teams in the league borrow bits and pieces of it now.  If the Knicks used more patience and ran it properly, they would see more success.  It really does come down to the fundamentals.

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant two of the best players the game has ever seen,  also happen to be two of the most  fundamentally sound players as well.  Sure they both had unbelievable talent but it was their ability to master the fundamentals that made them elite.

We also can not ignore the fact that the now dubbed “Euros” off the Knicks bench have seen some success while running the Triangle.  Could it be that the “Euros“,  who have less talent  are more  fundamentally sound then the starting five?  If not then the starters have to trust the system and find ways to make it work for them.

Jackson also stated,

” I don’t care about the triangle. I care about systematically playing basketball.”

According to Phil he cares more about systematical basketball then the triangle.  Once again I agree,  basketball is all about the fundamentals, spacing and timing.  Systems ran by the Spurs, Warriors and yes the Triangle, all take advantage of these elements.

Phil made a lot of sense and I Encourage you to  read the full article Here.

While I happen to agree with a lot of what Phil had to say,  I still believe The Triangle should become the fall back offense.  The Knicks should use the Triangle along with other plays like Horns and more 5 out sets. The Triangle should automatically be ran if a play breaksdown or if one has not been called.

What do you think, do you agree with Phil Jackson?  Can the Triangle still work in today’s NBA?  Is it a lack of fundamentals or an out dated system?

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