Knicks | Charles Oakley Arrested In The Garden

It’s all Phil Jackson’s fault he has made a mess of the Knicks and it’s time for him to go. The frustration that Oakley showed tonight is exactly what many fans of the New York Knicks feel.

At a time where Phil should be showing great leadership and bringing calm and peace to the team and organization, he is creating animosity and is let down the fans.

Charles Oakley was the heart of the New York Knicks and embodies the sentiment of most if not all New Yorkers. Yeah he may have been frustrated but you know what we all are, they did not have to drag him out of the garden like he was a criminal.

I think it’s time that the fans speak with their wallets and stop supporting the product which is the New York Knicks until they decide to make real change and bring in leadership that will build instead of tearing people down.

Phil Jackson must go!