Private Basketball Training

BSA’s Private Training is a one on one session that runs for 60 mins in length. These sessions are designed for players of all ages & skill levels, who are looking to learn the fundamentals of basketball.

Our Small group training sessions are designed to make sure that each player gets the appropriate amount of attention by having no more then a 1:5 trainer to athlete ratio during training.

Basketball Training Packages

Private Training

  1. $75.00 per hour
  2. $350.00 5 Pack Sessions

Small Group Training

  1. 2-3 Players: $45 each per hr
  2. 4-5 Players: $35 each per hr
  3. 6-8 Players: $25 each per hr

Large Group Training

  1. 10-15 Players: $150 per 1 hrs
  2. 10-15 Players: $200 per 2 hrs